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Campaign Setting

This campaign is set mostly in and along the valley of the Zola Fel river in Prax. Initially it’s base is the lands of Duke Raus in the Borderlands.

Peloria and the Lunar Empire

To the north and west, in the region called Peloria, there arose the Red Moon Goddess. In her were balanced Stagnation and Change, Life and Death, and all the dichotomies of the Universe, including Chaos. Her arrival violated the Great Compromise and changed the face of Glorantha. When the Red Moon Goddess ascended to the heavens the immortal Red Emperor and the Lunar Empire remained.

The Lunar Empire expanded greatly from its founding four centuries ago. It went north to the icy wastes, east to the bounds of the horse barbarians, and west until halted by powerful sorcery. But in the south, the Empire continued to grow and grow.


To the north of Dragon Pass is the richest of the Lunar Provinces. Here rules King Moirades, a friend of the Red Emperor. The King’s authority radiates from great stone walled cities that protect lavish temples and wealthy markets. His power is enforced by Lunar magic. The Kingdom of Tarsh is the dominant power in Dragon Pass. Orlanthi kings ruled the country until 1490, when Hon Eel seduced and then murdered the old king, beginning a Lunar dynasty with their only child.


To the south of Dragon Pass, the great hero Sartar founded this kingdom in 1492 from the separate Orlanthi tribes that resettled here and after the Dragon Kill war.
Following a century of resistance, the House of Sartar fell to a major assault led by the Red Emperor in 1602. Sartar is now ruled by a puppet, the aged scholar Temertain. He cannot command the tribal kings, but true power lies with Fazzur Wideread, general of the Provincial Army. Imperial soldiers garrison the cities and towns.

General Fazzur grants wealth and favour to loyal tribes and punishes those who resist. He forces clans to rebel then crushes them and distributes their lands to his supporters. Missionaries of the Seven Mothers win converts to the Lunar Way every day. Soon, Fazzur knows, he will find and crush King Broyan, the last rebel king.


A rugged and thinly populated expanse of land, Balazar lies between the Elf Sea in the north and the Rockwood Mountains in the south. Its grassy plains and grassy hills support many herds of wild cattle and other such animals.

The barbarians of the area are the Balazaring tribe. Since the Dragonkill War there have been three tribal fortresses, housing the three kings of the tribes.

In 1564 the Tarsh governor lost patience with the endless raiding and sent an army against the citadel of Elkoi. They seized it by a surprise assault and garrisoned it. Most of the royal dynasty died, but the populace were well-treated and coaxed to remain. Since that time it has remained a Lunar outpost, and is surrounded by a small agricultural population.


Esrolia is the most densely populated land in Western Genertela. It is almost entirely dedicated to grain fields; the special Earth Goddess blessings allow two harvests per year. The culture is matriarchal, and the priestesses claim that they alone follow the ancient ways of the Earth mother.

In 1605 ST, the Lunar Empire attempted to invade Esrolia but was defeated at the Building Wall Battle in 1605. This amazing structure erected itself by magic and thwarted the Lunar invasion.

Prax and The Wastes

Prax and the wastes

Prax and The Wastes are are some of the most inhospitable lands on the continent.

Prax is an uninviting expanse of barren plains, unbearably hot in the summer and unpleasantly cold in the winter, scourged with strong, capricious winds and parched by periodic drought. Prax is inhabited by nomad tribes who ride various beasts of Eiritha. The only city, Pavis, is mostly ancient ruins.

The climate of the arid high plateau of Vulture Country to the east is even worse, and only the hardiest nomads (driven there by the Lunar invaders) can survive there. The further east one travels into The Wastes the worse things will get.

The River of Cradles lies in a great fertile valley that runs from its source in the Desolation Hills south to the Rozgali Sea, dividing Prax from the Vulture Country and the Wastes.

The natives call the river Zola Fel after its resident deity. The river valley is comparatively fertile, and its grazing lands are much sought after by the nomads. However, the valley is presently dominated by civilized farmers, and the nomads are no longer welcome in their ancient tribal grazing ranges.

The Lunar Empire currently firmly controls Pavis and the tribes of Prax.



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